TRC What our members say



When I started my Reiki journey I didn’t know where it would take me.  I had plans, but very quickly realised that Reiki works in mysterious ways.  I am not usually a ‘joiner’ however I found that I needed support – support to enable me to grow in Reiki confidence and knowledge, to develop as a practitioner and a person and to be able to ask questions and not feel stupid.  With The Reiki Connection (TRC) I found a home.  I know that if I have something I need to talk through (Reiki or otherwise), I can speak with Jeanne or any of the other TRC members and I will have a supportive and knowledgeable ear, someone who will help me find my answers, challenge or reassure me.  The TRC is personal, not some distant organisation, it has enabled me to grow into my Reiki and what’s more I have made lifelong friends.  
Caron, Reiki Master Teacher.

I joined TRC instead of a larger organisation because I wanted the personal touch.  I like the fact that TRC is like having an extended family.  We are all here for each other and we all support each other.  You include your members in decisions relating to the organisation and ask our opinions on what we feel would be a way forward with different situations relating to Reiki.  You communicate with us regularly, updating us on changes with what is going on in the world of Reiki.  You run regular support groups for all members as a way of checking we are all okay and not struggling with our daily lives or with Reiki and clients. 
Being a member of TRC makes me feel like I’m valued and I’m an actual human being, and not just a number.  Jeanne/TRC has been there for me since I first met you in early 2012, and you have supported me on my continued Reiki journey and with furthering my Reiki Training:  Reiki Master/Teacher, Practitioner Level, Verified Practitioner, and Teacher Training. 
For the above, I thank you from the heart.
TR – Reiki Master Teacher

I joined TRC and I have found it to be invaluable.
You have so much knowledge and experience Jeanne and always keep TRC members up to date with everything.
Most of all I totally agree with J. that I feel valued as a member and am not just another number in a big organisation.
It’s so reassuring to know I have total support from you and other TRC members.
I heard T. say ‘we are like one big family’ and I couldn’t agree more.
Everyone is so friendly and supportive which gives me confidence going forward.
Thank you so much Jeanne for all your hard work and everyone in TRC.
GR – Reiki Master Teacher

Why The Reiki Connection (TRC)?
It’s a difficult question – and one I have pondered for a whole 24 hours before putting fingers to iPad keyboard, were TRC even worthy of my time, energy – and my conclusion is most definitely yes. It is not only an honour but a pleasure to share my thoughts and pontifications:
With so many professional bodies, associations, organisations, guilds to choose from on entry into the world of Reiki it is difficult to navigate which is best for you or if you need any at all! I need to be an active part of a community, to be working towards an end goal, an objective, it’s my nature and the TRC have enveloped me into their community with nothing but beautiful energy and love. Jeanne Long has personally mentored me within the Verified Practitioner process although from a completely different modality of Reiki. Every … and I sincerely mean every…… person I have met from the TRC has shared their time, energy, fun and love. This isn’t your average organisation! 
The Reiki Connection for me is the epitome of a person centred approach to professionalism within Reiki. A person-centred approach requires involving people in the decision making process and helping them take actions to support themselves and others. Doing so helps them to develop their own capabilities and empowers the learner or practitioner.
TRC offers personalised care, learning and support, even treatments if required! This principle is the heart of TRC or indeed any person-centred care. It requires you to understand that what works for one practitioner may not be suitable for another. There isn’t a standardised approach, personalising their service to each practitioner allows them to better understand our needs, be it more education, communication or just be part of a group and this is without doubt the TRCs forte. 
TRC is real, the people are real, you are not just a number on a database or a website. Always a person at the end of the phone, email or zoom call to answer your questions or point you in the right direction or to further develop your reiki.
The TRC is without doubt the ultimate diamond in a myriad of minerals 
JE – Reiki Master Teacher

My reasons for joining TRC were as follows:-

  1. The Reiki Connection is a prestigious membership organisation and is one of the founding member organisations of the Reiki Council in the UK. In joining TRC I knew that I would be fully supported on my path to Reiki Master/Teacher and professional practitioner, with access to all of the latest up to date governance and guidelines required to practice at the highest level.
  2. As well as the above TRC has the human element and personal touch that other member organisations seem to be lacking. TRC members connect regularly via monthly Reiki Share Support meetings and support each other via one on one Zoom meetings where needed. I find all members are absolutely amazing people, highly skilled practitioners and a joy to work with. 
  3. Jeanne Long (CEO of TRC and former Chair of the Reiki Council) has been my Reiki Master/Teacher from Reiki 1 through to Reiki Master/Teacher. The support I have received from her has been phenomenal, the course content, materials and practical sessions were highly informative, enjoyable and comfortable. Her knowledge is second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend Jeanne to anyone wishing to learn the beautiful art of Reiki Healing. 
    SL -New Reiki Master Teacher