CNHC verified Reiki course requirements

TRC offers the Reiki Council/CNHC Reiki Professional Practitioner Course Verification.

Verified Reiki practitioner
Reiki Council verified course logo
CNHC - Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

Benefits of this process

  • Your course can be listed by CNHC and Reiki Council with your successful students being eligible for a listing in the CNHC Register
  • You will receive a logo that you can use on your website, stationery etc. to publicise your course.
  • Your professional practitioner students will benefit from an independent assessment of their Reiki training – something that is required by the sector skills body for health, Skills for Health – if they are to prove they are practising at a professional level. 

What do you need?

To apply, you

  • Will have a recognisable Reiki lineage back to Mikao Usui
  • Will have held a master/teacher or Reiki teaching certificate for at least two years since your Reiki 3 training
  • You will have learnt Reiki in person – not via internet or distance and so will all the teachers before you in your lineage
  • You will have received the traditional attunements/initiations/reiju for Reiki for all your levels
  • You undertake to teach using the traditional attunements/initiations/reiju at all levels and to undertake to give all of these in person
  • You will be able to show how you can take a student from a Reiki 1 beginner right through to a professional practitioner level in a series of different classes and learning
  • Your courses will be able to meet the minimum suggested learning hours of the Reiki Council Core Curriculum


Anyone wishing to offer a Reiki Verified Professional Practitioner course
MUST hold the Reiki Council /CNHC Verified Practitioner Certificate.


The Reiki Master/Teacher below offers accredited and verified Reiki courses, listed in the CNHC Register

Jeanne Long – Frampton Cotterell, South Glos

This course has 5 distance learning modules plus workshops, finishing with the standard Reiki Council Practitioner Verification

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