Reiki Kind

Mankind – from the Cambridge dictionary – the whole of the human race, including both men and women: Mankind has always been obsessed by power

ReikiKind – from me – those who have been initiated into Reiki: ReikiKind – for those practicing all ‘kinds’/styles of Reiki. One of the Reiki Principles ‘Be kind to every living thing’

REIKI -Universal Life force Energy


Ki – Energy

N – Nurture

D – Develop – Diligence


TRC is ReikiKind.

ReikiKind - The Reiki Connection

ReikiKind is all about not forgetting our roots. Not forgetting the essence of Reiki.
Not forgetting the basic Reiki Principles:

If you are Western Reiki:

Just for today I will not worry
Just for today I will not anger
I will honour my parents, teachers and elders
Do my work honestly
Be kind to every living thing

From Mikoa Usui’s Memorial Stone: Reiki Precepts

Reiki principles

Kyo dakewa – (Just for today)
Ikaru na (Do not anger)
Shinpai suna (Do not worry)
Kansha shite (Be grateful)
Gyo o hagame – (Work with diligence)
Hito ni shinsetsu ni – (Be kind to others)

Not forgetting Gassho – the fundamental, simple meditation performed by Mikao Usui every morning and night

  • Sit with your spine straight, but still comfortable
  • Close your eyes and place hands together with palms touching in front of the middle of your chest, with your thumbs touching your heart chakra.
  • When you breathe out through your nose, your breath should be touching your fingertips.
  • Focus your attention at the point where your 2 middle fingers meet.
  • If your mind wanders, acknowledge the thought, then let it go and just refocus by returning your attention to the point where your middle fingers meet.
  • If you find it then simply let your hands, while still keeping them together, slowly drop and rest in your lap.
  • If you need to adjust your posture, then move slowly, deliberately and consciously.
  • While still keeping your eyes closed, slowly rest your hands in your lap
  • Take a couple of deep breaths bringing attention to your eyes, opening them slowly

Not forgetting

  • the time and energy spent with your Reiki Master
  • the energy in the room when you meet with other ReikiKind
  • to give yourself Reiki every day
  • to value your Reiki – Reiki exchange
  • that we are simply a channel for Reiki energy
  • that it is not our personal energy we are giving
  • to let go of the ego
  • that confidence and understanding is not ego
  • to follow your own truths and intuition
  • that Reiki is all inclusive
  • that Reiki is Reiki and that never changes, the only thing that can change is the manner in which it is given
  • to acknowledge and accept there are many styles and schools of Reiki
  • that schools have their way of teaching Reiki, which may be different to yours
  • that Reiki voluntary self-regulation is a choice
  • there are many practicing Reiki who learnt off the internet, that is their choice. Who are we to say what is wrong and what is right? Just trust in your Reiki
  • that people are not on the same pathway as you and may not ‘believe’ in Reiki. Again – that is their choice. If someone asks you what you are doing now and you mention Reiki, if they are not in that ‘place’ it won’t even register on their radar. If they are in that ‘place’ they will ask you about Reiki and then you can tell them all about it, knowing that they may, or may not, be interested
  • we only give Reiki if the person has asked for, and is happy to receive it
  • we do not send Reiki (if Reiki 2 or Master) unless requested by the recipient
  • we only request Reiki for the persons highest good
  • we never diagnose – we are not medically trained in Reiki
  • that active listening is a great tool to have
  • we never proclaim to ‘heal’ – Reiki can give a feeling of total relaxation enabling the body to heal itself – but there are times when conventional medical intervention is a must
  • we are human and sometimes forget!

Please, at all times endeavour to be ReikiKind


These are my personal thought and may not represent the thoughts of all TRC members or other Reiki Organisations