Welcome to The Reiki Connection (TRC)

TRC was founded in 2002 by Reiki Master/Teacher Jeanne Long.

TRC is an active, longstanding, forward thinking Reiki group that has evolved from being students of Jeanne, to become a founder member organisation, and approved by the Reiki Council and the CNHC as a verifying Organisation for Reiki Practitioners wishing to apply for the Reiki Council Verified Practitioner Certificate and CNHC registration.

About The Reiki Connection

Reiki comes in many forms, shapes and sizes and at TRC we are a small, interactive, diverse, forward thinking organization, with a great love of all aspects of Reiki.

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The practice of Reiki is an original method of healing, developed by Mikao Usui in Japan early in the 20th century. Reiki is a natural healing energy that works on every level, not just the physical, and is understood to promote the body’s regenerative self-healing ability.

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Reiki principles


Reiki is taught in 3 levels
Reiki 1 is thought of as for self-healing along with spiritual self development and well-being, plus the giving of Reiki to family and friends
Reiki 11 (2) is the progression to giving Reiki to members of the general public plus the art of Distance Healing
Reiki 111 – Reiki Master Teacher enables the teaching of Reiki to others
Reiki Verified Practitioner – the giving of Reiki in profession, conventional settings

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