Zoom Sessions

Traditional Reiki is always taught in-person by a Reiki Master Teacher.  However a Reiki Master Teacher may also offer Zoom sessions for Reiki advancement in regards to knowledge, support, additional information, Reiki theory,  detailed Reiki history, practical advise etc.

TRC offers 7 scheduled Zoom sessions a year plus 3 in-person support sessions. 

Other, individual or ad-hoc sessions can be arranged.

Dates for Zoom sessions 2024 are listed below (may be subject to changes if unforeseen happenings should come along) Zoom sessions start at 7pm and finish at 8.30pm
February 21st
April 10th
May 22nd
July 24th
September 18th
November 13th

Reiki Support at Manor Hall, BS36 2TG 7.15-8.45pm
March 20th
June 19th
October 23rd

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