Registering in directories

Should you register in any directory?

So ‘Should I register anywhere to practice my Reiki? If ‘yes’ then who with?’

These are the 2 big questions. At the moment there is no legal requirement to register with any register/body to practice Reiki. This is the big debate that has been going on for years.

TRC members have the option of registering in the TRC directories here in this site, plus have their own page.

Why should you register?

Some practitioners like to feel that they can be recognised as having followed all the correct procedures for being a professional practitioner, when in fact there is no ‘legally required’ accreditation at this moment in time. Being in a register can be seen as accreditation and this is why many practitioner do it. If you are considering an additional registration please research the register/directory you would like to be in very carefully!

Also if a member of the general public is searching for a practitioner they are much more likely to look in a ‘well known’ ‘directory’ so if you are registered in one you could have more people contact you for treatments.

One other serious consideration is that we are already hearing of Reiki Practitioners who are already working in Government run establishments like a hospital or hospice, suddenly finding they are being asked to leave because they are not in the CNHC register.

So, bottom line is you don’t have to register in any other register but if you do want to work / volunteer in some establishments you may find you have to be registered in a directory other than TRC.

The Governments prime objective with Voluntary Self Regulation is to ensure the safety of the general public. Those in a hospital or hospice are seen as being in a vulnerable situation and must be protected. The majority of this concern has come from the Shipman Inquiry. Reiki may seem a long way from Dr Shipman but it can be viewed that if this could happen in a highly regulated profession of that of a doctor, what can be going on in the world of Complementary and Alternative Medicine where there is no statutory regulation?


You will need to have attained the Reiki Council Verification Certificate through a Reiki organization such as TRC to register with CNHC.