The Open Reiki Group

Have you completed a Reiki course ‘on-line’ and now finding that your training is not being recognised?

There are a great many people who have taken Reiki courses either on-line, with no in-person training or attunements, or their Reiki Teacher does not have a recognised ‘lineage’.  A lineage is like the Reiki family tree where a person is taught by a Reiki Master, who themselves were taught by a Reiki Master and so this tree can be traced right back to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui.

In cases such as these it is very difficult to get on-going Reiki support as the Reiki Council, the umbrella organisation for Reiki Organisations, only recognise Reiki Practitioners who have received in-person training and attunements, plus has a recognised lineage. 

It has been found that on-line courses vary greatly but it is felt that part of the essence of Reiki is lost as the ‘in-person’ training greatly enhances a person’s learning experience and appreciation of Reiki.  That’s not to say that on-line training does not have its uses;  It can be very good for the learning of theory but not very good for -hands-on’ practice that is gained during traditional Reiki training.  The traditional Reiki training has always been in-person, up to the invention of the internet that is.

It seems to be very easy to get insurance to practice Reiki regardless with some insurance companies, however the premium is often very high, plus should a claim against that Practitioner ever arise and the  Reiki Council be called by the Court and/or the Police to be the ’expert witness’, then that could invalidate the Practitioners insurance.

The giving of Reiki treatments and/or training is not regulated by UK law and as such Reiki training varies greatly. 

The Government backed Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council – CNHC – Register only accepts Reiki Practitioners as registrants if they are verified by a Reiki Verifying Organisation, and this involves being taught, and having attunements in-person.

Bearing all this in mind TRC is re-visiting the Open Reiki Group.  This group was originally set up when the first talks between The Prince of Wales Foundation for Integrated Health and The Reiki Council (then The Reiki Regulatory Working Group) around the voluntary self-regulation of Reiki were set up.  Jeanne – Head of TRC was involved in these talks.

So TRC is offering Reiki membership to all trained in Reiki, either in person or on-line.  There will be a separate category of memberships but these Open Reiki members will not have the option of being listed on the TRC website.  This is more of a supportive membership, encouraging the safe practice of Reiki, mindful of the National Occupations Standards for Reiki.  

Open Reiki Members will have the option of, and opportunity to undertake an upgrading practitioner course, carried out by TRC, which will result in the member being offered full TRC membership giving the full membership benefits.

If this is of interest to you please Get in touch for more details.