The Reiki Connection membership information

 TRC 2024 Membership

There is an initial £10 registration fee which is paid just once.  This is for the administration and basic checks that are carried out.

Standard membership is £30 pa – membership gives access to the internal communication system – SLACK; membership certificate; regular emailed news/information/on-line Zoom support sessions /4 in-person Reiki Support meetings held in Manor Hall, BS36 2TG.

Access to discounted Balens insurance

Advanced membership is £45 – this gives all the benefits listed above plus:
a listing on the TRC website
a link to your own page on the website 
on-line Zoom information/training sessions 
various discounts on certain re-training or refresher courses
a discount on the Reiki Council verification process

Access to discounted Balens insurance

For this option the member must hold insurance.

There is a 3rd membership – Open Reiki Group – this is where a person has completed Reiki training, and received attunements, solely on line.  The fee is the same as the standard membership however there is no option for the Advanced membership. 

With the Open Reiki Group there is the option of discounted ‘refresher’ in-person training, upon which the member has to option of changing membership status to either of the other membership categories.  

All memberships runs from 1st Jan each year with a staggered fee for those joining throughout the year.

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Click here to download the TRC 2024 Registration & Membership Form 

Completed forms email to Jeanne