Reiki Connection membership

Reiki comes in many forms, shapes and sizes and at TRC we are a diverse, forward thinking organization, with a great love of all aspects of Reiki. 

Our members have representation on the Reiki Council with both Jeanne and Gill regularly attending Reiki Council meetings, being involved with Reiki Council decision making.

TRC Membership Benefits

  •  A unique mentoring service of individual support and guidance on your Reiki journey
  •  A very competitive membership rate
  •  Codes of conduct and ethics
  •  Insurance through Balen
  •  Regular Reiki Support meetings
  • 3 levels of membership starting at £25 a year
  •  The option of FREE a listing in TRC Directories - at Practitioner and Master Teacher level
  •  The opportunity of your own webpage
  •  The opportunity of becoming a TRC Approved Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Teacher
  •  Substantial discounts on the TRC approval processes - which include the TRC PDF     Handbooks
  • Access to the new approved TRC Practitioner course
  •  The opportunity to purchase TRC PDF Handbooks for all levels of Reiki
  •  For Reiki Masters - TRC Reiki Course approval
  •  For Teachers - the opportunity to teach the TRC generic approved Reiki Practitioner Course
  •  Representation on the Reiki Council - the umbrella organisation for Reiki organisations
  •  The Reiki Council Certificate - verification process - criteria apply
  •  Representation on the CNHC through the PSB - CNHC the Government backed register for     Professional Practitioners
  • The CNHC verification process - access to the CNHC Register - criteria apply

New for 2021

TRC offer a dedicated 'Introducing TRC' online session to all new members, or those thinking of joining us and want a chat first!

Categories of TRC membership

TRC Reiki Standard membership:
Having received face-to-face Reiki attunements plus a recognized lineage to Usui.  Any level of Reiki - £25 p.a. 


TRC Practitioner:  Taking Reiki to the next level; having practitioner insurance; the giving of Reiki to members of the general public; to evidence professional practice.
- £35 
p.a.* Includes free listing on TRC website.

TRC Reiki Master/Teacher:  Having qualified as a Reiki Master for over 12 months. - £40 p.a.* Includes free listing on TRC website

* your own unique web page available at additional £5.00 cost.  

click here for a 2022  membership form

If you have not received in-person training but have received your Reiki through 'distance training' you can apply for TRC Open Membership - an affiliate of TRC.  Click here for more details.

On first registering with TRC there is a £10 registration/administration fee. This fee is only paid once.

Registration is only charged once

Click here for a list of some of our members who practice Reiki on a professional level, being experienced and well practised in Reiki Healing.