The Reiki Connection founder member  of the Reiki CouncilThe Reiki Connection Organisation (TRC)

TRC was founded in 2002 by Reiki Master/Teacher Jeanne Long. 

TRC is an  unincorporated, not-for-profit organisation supporting all those
traditionally trained in Reiki.

Reiki comes in many forms, shapes and sizes and at TRC we are a diverse, forward thinking organization. 

TRC membership is open to all styles and schools of Reiki provided Practitioners have received in-person training and have a recognised lineage.

We do offer support to those who have completed their Reiki training on-line though TRC full membership is not available.

TRC is a founder member of the Reiki Council and approved by the Reiki Council and the CNHC as a Verifying Reiki Organisation for Reiki Practitioners wishing to apply for the Reiki Council Verified Practitioner Certificate and CNHC registration.

TRC Management Board:

TRC Support - Key Members Board:

We are a pro-active group, all with a great love of all aspects of Reiki. 

Code of Ethics and Practice.  Please click here to download the TRC Codes for membership

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