Sam Barclay

Sam Barclay


My name is Sam Barclay, and I am a Reiki & EFT practitioner based in Bristol. I come from a Sales and Customer Service background originally, but have always had a desire to help people, I just never knew how until that lightbulb moment. I wanted to do something that has meaning to me, and that can help people the way I have been helped. I believe you can really connect with people when you’re authentic, genuine and speak from experience. And boy do I have experience! No matter what our past or experiences has been, we all have something we feel we’d like to be better. I want to give people the opportunity to help them transform their lives for the better, like mine has. I have many tips and tricks from various modalities that I have come across in my lifetime, so it is always more than Reiki and EFT with me. I am determined to provide a professional and thorough treatment, but with the warmth and care it deserves. The training I have completed, ensures I am achieving that, as does my history. My Reiki journey began about 10 years ago, when I had the odd session here and there. Over time I started to have regular sessions and in 2014, decided to learn Level 1. I thought it would be great to give myself Reiki whenever I wanted and help family and friends on the odd occasion too. In 2015, I learnt Level 2 to increase my experience and knowledge. Despite all of this, it didn’t fully click with me, and I carried on as normal. Fast forward a few years, I eventually got to see a different side to Reiki, enabling me to look back and see how much Reiki had benefited me. It was then, that I developed a deeper love, connection, and appreciation for Reiki. The whole process of which was life changing! I chose to be retrained in Level 1 and 2, as I felt it was important to have a complete refresh. I then furthered my training and became a Reiki Master, as well as a verified Reiki Professional Practitioner. The verified Reiki Professional Practitioner status means I now meet the National Occupational Standards for Reiki, as well as the educational standards for professional practice as set by The Reiki Council. I am also registered with the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) which means that I am certified to practice in hospitals and other healthcare settings. In 2022, I became an Advanced EFT Practitioner to not only give me another modality to help people with, but to empower people to help themselves. There are times when we are just not able to reach out to a therapist or professional for help, so EFT is a way in which people can ease, or even on occasions, completely overcome situations themselves! At Aura Storm, I have created the perfect space, somewhere that ensures my customers feel safe, relaxed, comfortable and allows them to escape the stresses of day-to-day life. I am blown away by the experiences I have had with my customers so far and I feel privileged to be a part of their journey and to help them feel better, be better and live better!

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