Nur Ray

Nur Ray

” There has always been an inner calling within me that wanted to help others. I am a very intuitive practitioner who has a deep connection with energy and has a desire to help people to heal their problems.”

Nur, is a Reiki Master and has been a Usui Reiki practitioner for more than 10 years.  Eager to assist others on their journey toward positive changes. She is dedicated to helping clients improve their mental, emotional, and physical wellness through Reiki, Emotional freedom Technique,  and chakra work. She began this path with the goal of personal development, but soon discovered her life’s purpose- to help others. Nur began her work as a Reiki healer, however she worked as a FE teacher for 17 years teaching languages from entry to GCSE Level  (Turkish and English) as well as an NVQ Assessor.

Nur is the author of 2 books -Live from Heart and Mind, Meditation, Manifest that are on sale on Amazon.

She works on emotional healing as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, managing and overcoming fear and stress therapy. Nur recently achieved Law of Attraction Coach Practitioner Certificate and Field Energy Certificate.