Caron Bentley

Caron Bentley

Hi my name is Caron, I am a Reiki Master Teacher and I run Permission To Relax, which is conveniently situated at The Studio on Westerleigh Road, Bristol.

I came to Reiki quite late in life as someone once told me ‘I had to wait for my Reiki Master to find me’.  Having spent years ‘waiting’ I eventually found out that the advice I had received was not accurate.  However as I believe everything happens for a reason, Reiki came to me when I was truly ready.

In the past I have worked in the private, public and health care sectors, so I know only too well the stresses and strains of modern living.  We fail to give ourselves permission to relax, which can lead to us ‘running on empty’ and eventually stress related illness.

I passionately believe that recharging our batteries and self care is not selfish or a luxury but a necessity.  We cannot continue to give to others if we do not give to ourselves.

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Living Mystically

Along with her Reiki Practice, Caron is our experienced silversmith who creates and makes beautiful jewellery.