The Gentle Touch Therapy Courses

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All training courses are on hold due
to the coronavirus

1-day Practitioner courses include Distance Learning - there is no prior requisites for the Practitioner course as everything is included.

Courses are also taught 'on demand' and often 1 to 1 so please enquire, giving suggested dates, should you wish to do any course on offer but on an alternative date.  If the teaching is 1 to 1 then the student will need to bring along a willing person to practice on!

Courses are run in Frampton Cotterell.

These courses can also be brought to you if you are a small group of 3 or more.

Indian Head Massage


Rejuvenating Face Massage 

Prior to the course there are 3 modules in the form of distance learning.  There is a written 'test' which needs to be completed.  The learning modules are:

Matters of Law
Anatomy and Physiology
General Information - eg principles of good practice, reflection etc

There is a 4th module to look through and this module is the practical manual for each specific therapy.

The 1 day practical follows the learning.

The cost of the Indian Head Massage and the Rejuvenating Face Massage course  modules and practical day  £125 each course. 

£195 for both.

Adult Teacher-Trainer Course. 

This course is ideal if you are a therapist and thinking of branching out into teaching your therapy!  This course requires distance learning from manual provided plus workshops.  The course can be started at any time with the distance learning.  The workshops are scheduled accordingly.


Balens offer insurance cover all courses offered

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