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Samantha Love - Biography From a very young age I have always had a very strong desire to help people on an emotional and physical level in any way I can and have always felt frustrated that the impact we can have on others is very minimal compared to the impact they can have on themselves if they just set the intent and move towards change.
I am so honoured and grateful to have found Reiki Energy Healing as this (I believe) is the most beautiful non-intrusive way to help others facilitate their own healing which will only be for the highest good of the client and conducted when they are ready.

I myself found Reiki System of Natural Healing after around 7 to 8 years of working to heal myself of old emotional trauma through other means (self-help books/gurus, counselling, mediation, mindfulness, inner child work and various other modalities) which did help me work through a lot. A friend who had already had three sessions of Reiki referred me to her Reiki Practitioner and I instantly felt this was something I had to do.
On Sunday 12th May 2019 I attended my first Reiki session I was very sceptical at first and my logical mind could not figure out how a person could feel better from another person putting their hands on them, but I went with the flow and had the Reiki session. I could feel the energy working in me immediately, my heart chakra was dancing around and I felt very emotional. I made it to the end of the session and then cried all the way home and developed the most awful head ache and detox symptoms that evening, this resulted being in a flu symptom type state and having to take the week off of work sick. But this was a very good sign, energy blockages were coming out of my system and my body was re-aligning, coming back to the me I always should have been which was lost somewhere along the way in life.

I absolutely could not believe the profound effect the Reiki session had on my body, mind and spirit and I knew upon that realisation that this is what had been missing in my life and that I wanted to be the facilitator for others in this amazing way to encourage their healing. I have always been interested in holistic healing, crystal healing, energy healing, reflexology, brainwave entrainment, meditation, aromatherapy, mindfulness, yoga, vegan and vegetarian nutrition, chakra balancing, sound therapy, Ayurveda, tarot reading, massage and I currently am trained to Reiki 1, Indian Head Massage and Eyebrow Microblading and I’m incorporating all of them into my practice at Holistic at Wick.
After achieving Reiki 1 and Reiki 11, and going through the attunements (which was the most incredible experience) and feeling the energy flow through me into others when giving treatments, I knew that I wanted the fullness of Reiki to be part of my everyday life.

My expectations of completing Reiki 111 and Reiki Professional Practitioner are to be able to help myself and others from the highest level of vibration possible, to hopefully eventually come to a place where I can work from my treatment room at home part time at first (weekends) and then eventually full time (I hope). Then I will finally feel that I am achieving my purpose in life.

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