Reiki for Professional Practice

Reiki Council - CNHC Verification

There are now National Occupational Standard (NOS), as agreed with Skills for Health (established in 2002), the Sector Skills Council for Health for the UK.  Skills for Health helps to inform policy and standards focusing on health, education and improving the wider well-being of public health and as such worked with the Reiki Council to produce NOS for the giving of Reiki in a professional setting such as orthodox medical institutions.  The National Occupational Standards also form the basis of the Core Curriculum (CC) for the teaching of Reiki.  The Reiki Council  CC was first published 10 years ago,  There is also a CNHC CC for Reiki that came into being in February 2018.  

This is the form of accreditation that is often needed for those Practitioners wishing to work, or volunteer in conventional medical settings like hospitals and hospices.

Reiki Practitioners can apply direct for Reiki Professional Practitioner status through TRC should they meet the criteria: otherwise they can undertake a Reiki Professional Practitioner course to ensure they achieve the criteria required.

If the Reiki Practitioner meets the criteria then can apply for a Reiki Council Verified Practitioner, through a Reiki Verifying Organisation - TRC is one, and, if approved, can request that they be fast tracked to the CNHC Register.

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TRC Approved Practitioners

For those not wishing to undertake the additional training and commitment required to go through the Reiki Council verification process, Practitioners can apply for TRC Approved Practitioner status. 
TRC Approved Reiki Practitioners are very experienced and have undertaken training in practice management offering Reiki mindful of the NOS.

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