Reiki Treatment

Sometimes people come to Reiki for a treatment simply for relaxation, to ease tension - the stresses and strains of everyday living.
Some come to enhance conventional medicine already being received.  

It must be stressed here that Reiki is complementary, not alternative, and as such it does not replace conventional medicine and Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose.

You should  feel comfortable with the practitioner you have chosen to give you a treatment.  You may be recommended a Practitioner by a friend, or may have read a locally placed advert.  You will be speaking to the Practitioner when booking the treatment so did this person feel the right person for you?  Did they advise you about Reiki and what to expect in receiving a Reiki session?

What to expect during a Reiki session......

It must  also be stressed that there is no requirement to remove any item of clothing to receive Reiki. Reiki can be given on a couch or in a seated position if preferred.

A short form is usually given for a signature to be given - this is referred to as 'signed consent', you are signing to advise of any medical conditions you may have and that you are not receiving the Reiki against your will.  These forms vary in the amount of information to be given.

The Practitioner may give 'hands-on' - where they place their hands in a series of hand positions around the body, or may treat 'hands-off' where hands are placed above, not on the body.  If at any time during the session you feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, advise the Practitioner.  As a recipient of Reiki you may experience the hands of the Practitioner feeling very hot, sometimes cold and sometimes tingling.  We are all different and have different experiences.  You may feel very little but this does not mean that things are not working as they should.  

Often the client feels so relaxed they fall asleep.  This is quite usual and Practitioners are quite used to this happening and will ensure that you are wide awake before leaving the session! The whole session usually lasts about an hours but longer, or shorter, sessions can be given by agreement.
After a session clients can feel pleasantly tired, or full of energy and raring to go.  Occasionally there can be a healing reaction where deep seated emotions rise to the surface.  If this should happen then the Practitioner will advise and often Practitioners issue an 'aftercare form'.

Enjoy your Reiki session.