TRC Reiki Mentorship

Reiki is unique and magical.  Reiki training usually includes full support and guidance from your Reiki Master throughout your Reiki journey.

Sometimes however Reiki students, for  what ever reason, find that they do not have all the support, training or information that they feel they need.  This is often the case when their Reiki Master has been concentrating all their efforts in the traditional Reiki training, having little or no knowledge, or training, in the Professional Practitioner side of Reiki. 

When this happens TRC suggest the student undertake a verified Reiki Practitioner course.  But, maybe the student is very experienced in the giving of Reiki - but feel like they just need a helping hand in bringing their knowledge and understanding of the giving of Reiki in a professional setting to the standards required.

This would be the perfect time to request some Reiki mentoring with a verified Professional Practitioner / Reiki Master Teacher.

Or, maybe, you did not have as much time with your Reiki Master as you would have liked and circumstances are such that you feel a little alone, or bewildered on your Reiki journey,

If this is you and you would like more details of the TRC mentoring service offered please use one of the Contact Us contact forms on this site.