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Traditional Reiki is taught in 3, or sometimes, 4 levels.  Each level must be taken in turn.  
It starts with Reiki 1 and is advised that Reiki 11  (2) can be taken after a minimum period of 3 months with Reiki Master/Teacher following a period of 12 months.  Reiki 11 (2) is often described at Practitioner though more recently a number of Reiki Masters include a Reiki Practitioner level too that is based on traditional Reiki 11 (2) with additional training mindful of the National Occupational Standards for Reiki.

In addition to Reiki Healing, Reiki is very much about Spiritual Development, Personal Development and, often, Mystic Development.

With the voluntary self regulation in place for Reiki and the Government backed CNHC Register, there is now a new category of Reiki training - that of Reiki Professional Practitioner which is a Reiki Council and CNHC accredited course that can be taken at Reiki 11 (2) level once the Practitioner is experienced and can fulfil set criteria.



Reiki Courses

Jeanne Long Reiki Practitioner and Teacher.  Accredited Courses

Jeanne Long  -  Head of TRC - South Glos/Bristol 
Teaching: Accredited Reiki 1: Reiki 11: Reiki Master/Teacher: Verified Reiki Professional Practitioner.                                                                                           
Reiki Council and CNHC Registered Practitioner and Verified Reiki Courses listed.  Chair of Reiki Council.


Tracy Rees Reiki Practitioner and Teacher

Tracy Rees  - Kingswood/Bristol                             
Teaching: Reiki 1. 
Tracy is a Reiki Council Verified Professional Practitioner*
TRC Membership Secretary 


Gill Radnedge Reiki Practitioner and Teacher

Gill Radnedge  -  Vice-Chair TRC - Staple Hill/Bristol
Teaching: Reiki 1, Reiki 11 and Reiki Master/Teacher                                
Gill is a Reiki Council Verified Professional Practitioner* 
TRC Vice-Chair


Jan McKechnie Reiki Practitioner and Teacher

Jan McKechnie   -  Emersons Green/Bristol
Teaching: Reiki 1
Jan is a Reiki Council Verified Professional Practitioner* Plus CNHC Registered


Maggie Stanley - reiki practitioner

Maggie Stanley  -  Representing TRC on Reiki Council and Reiki Council - Reiki for Animals. Axbridge/Somerset                             
Teaching: all levels of Traditional Reiki 
Maggie has been teaching traditional Reiki for many, many years
TRC Head of Reiki for Animals


Annie Harrington Reiki Practitioner and Teacher Verified Courses

Annie Harrington  -   Presteigne, Powys

Teaching: all levels of Reiki Plus Verified Reiki Professional Practitioner
* A Reiki Council Verified Reiki Teacher, with a Professional Practitioner course, TRC/Reiki Council and CNHC Accreditation


Dan Stephens Reiki Practitioner and Teacher.  Verified Reiki Courses
Dan Stephens  -  T
he School of Complementary Therapies; Thetford/Mildenhall Norfolk     * A TRC/Reiki Council and CNHC Professional Practitioner                          Teaching: all  levels of Reiki including Reiki Professional Practitioner
* A Reiki Council Verified Reiki Teacher, with a Professional Practitioner course, TRC/Reiki Council and CNHC Accreditation


Julia Eversfield - Warminster
Teaching Reiki and Seichem plus the Verified TRC Practitioner Course
* A Reiki Council and CNHC Verified Professional Practitioner, with a Professional  Practitioner course.


 Craig Messingham - Winkleigh, Devon
Teaching Reiki

*A CNHC Verified Professional Practitioner


  Gill Conway - Kingsthorpe, Northampton


Caron Bentley - Nibley, Yate


Reiki Verifying Organisation for Reiki Council and CNHCTRC offer TRC approved course accreditation. 
These are for traditional Reiki Courses following the criteria set out by TRC.
These courses are mindful of the National Occupational Standards for Reiki.

The route for Reiki Council Course accreditation is through a Member Organization (MO)
of The Reiki Council.
For those course providers wanting to have their course listed in the CNHC register
then the route is through CNHC Verifying Organisations (VO's)  
Reiki Council Course VerificationThe Reiki Connection is a VO for both the Reiki Council and the CNHC. 

The Reiki Council MO's  currently offering course verification are: 
The Reiki Connection, The UK Reiki Guild; CHP and The Reiki Association: they all use the Reiki Council standard verification process. 
The UK Reiki Federation is also a VO and uses a very similar criteria for verifying courses.

Please remember that the verification process is voluntary and is designed for those practitioners who wish to offer
Reiki in a professional setting, or to extend their knowledge and understanding of Reiki.

Reiki 1, 11 and Reiki Master Teacher courses do not require this form of verification; only the Reiki  Verified Professional Practitioner courses.

Should you choose your Reiki pathway with a Reiki Master who is able to offer the Verified Reiki Professional Practitioner course, then that Reiki Master will be fully aware of the National Occupation Standards (NOS) required for offering Reiki in a Professional setting and will, most probably, have completed the Practitioner Verification themselves 
(check this with the VO you apply to)

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