If you think you met the criteria listed, you can apply to any of the Verifying Organisation for individual verification

The charge for individual verification with The Reiki Connection is £70 plus the cost of a required independent assessment 

If you do not meet the criteria then there are Verified Course available

If you are unsure, or have obtained most, but not all of the criteria speak to us for advice. 

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Criteria for applying for Reiki Council Verified Practitioner 

These are absolutes: 

Hold Reiki 1 and 11 Certificates

Have have confirmed lineage to Mikao Usui

Have received in person attunments/initiations/reiju

An Insurance Certificate

Have been practising Reiki i.e. attuned/initiated to Reiki for a minimum of 9 months

Have received a minimum of 45 hours in-person training

Have completed a minimum of 75 full Reiki treatments to include 10x4 case studies

Have been observed in giving 5 treatments by an experienced Reiki Practitioner

Have received 100 hours of Reiki either from self treatment or from other practitioners

Have an overall minimum of 140 hours of additional Reiki training/study from the start of first Reiki
attunement /initiation/reiju

Have the knowledge, training and understanding to meet the National Occupational Standards for Reiki;
CNH1, CNH2 and CNH12

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