The Open reiki group

The Open Reiki Group is an offshoot of The Reiki Connection (TRC) offering membership and support to non-conventional Reiki training.

Members still work to Open Reiki Codes of Ethics and Practices, complying with the general laws of the land and having the option of PL insurance.

Reiki is a voluntary self-regulated practice. 
The Open Reiki Group members will have access to Skills for Health National Occupational
Standards and the CNHC Core Curriculum for Reiki, which can be issued to members for guidelines on working with their Reiki in a responsible manner.

Should at any time a member wish to transfer to The Reiki Connection then help will be offered in achieving the set TRC criteria required.

There is a Membership fee.

Members will receive Open Reiki Codes of Conduct and Ethics along with information and support in line with TRC membership.

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