The Reiki Connection founder member  of the Reiki Council

Reiki Teaching and Healing   Welcome to The Reiki Connection (TRC) 

TRC was founded in 2002 by Reiki Master/Teacher Jeanne Long. 

TRC is an active, longstanding, forward thinking Reiki group that has evolved from being Reiki students of Jeanne, to become a founder member organisation of the Reiki Council and approved by the Reiki Council and the CNHC as a Verifying Reiki Organisation for Reiki Practitioners wishing
to apply for the Reiki Council Verified Practitioner Certificate and CNHC registration*.

TRC is an  unincorporated, not-for-profit organisation supporting all those
traditionally trained in Reiki.

We put Reiki at the heart of everything we do.

From Reiki 1 to Reiki Master Teachers
Accredited* Reiki Practitioners to Reiki Master/Teachers teaching to the Reiki Council and
CNHC approved Core Curriculum based on the Reiki Skills for Health National Occupational Standards for Reiki in a Professional Setting*.

TRC offers the Reiki verification* service for TRC  members and non-member, independent practitioners

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So, where are we now in 2020?

The Reiki Connection founder member  of the Reiki Council

This beautiful message is from Inspirivity ( Hopefully by next Spring 2021!


The situation involving Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Teachers returning to work is very complex. 
For information about COVID-19 we would recommend looking at the 
NHS website
and  the
Government websites 


(Dated 22nd September 2020)

NHS Track and Trace

Create a coronavirus NHS QR code for your venue- if required

Be advised that for students taking Reiki courses offering solely on-line training. their training is not recognised  for TRC membership or for Professional Practitioner/Course verification for both the Reiki Council and CNHC


 There are many trials going on bringing Reiki into mainstream medicine!
This does not detract from the conventional Reiki tradition and values that we all hold dear.

 Reiki Professional Practitioner Course Verification now available!

TRC membership is open to all styles and schools of Reiki provided Practitioners have received face-to-face training and have a recognised lineage.

TRC is a founder member of the Reiki Council*.  

TRC Vice-Chair Gill  accompanys Jeanne to the regular RC meetings to ensure that all our members are kept up-to-date in all Reiki aspects, in this fast changing world of ours.

*The Reiki Council (previously the Reiki Regulatory Working Group) - the lead advisory body for Reiki Practitioners in the UK - was initially set up as a Voluntary Self Regulation Organisation for those Reiki Practitioners who wish to practice Reiki in a professional manner and setting. 
The agreed Reiki Council procedure is used for verification purposes.  TRC offers the verification service to both TRC members and non-members.  

TRC is an approved Complementary and Natural Health Care Council (CNHC) verifying organization for both Reiki Professional Practitioner plus verifying / accrediting Reiki Courses. 
The CNHC was set up with Government support to provide a voluntary register of health practitioners in the UK.   

We have The Reiki Connection members throughout the UK plus France.

  • Our Vice-Chair is Gill Radgedge
  • Our Secretary is Samantha Anne Love
  • Our Membership Secretary is Tracy Rees
  • Our Treasurer is Rachael Martin
  • Our Development Officer is Caron Bentley
  • Our Reiki for Animals Officer is Maggie Stanley
  • Our main office, and meeting place is in South Gloucestershire.
  • Cher (TRC France) practices and teaches Reiki just outside Oriolles.
  • We have an active working committee
  • Head of TRC is Jeanne Long

TRC is a  founder member of the Reiki Council Reiki Connection founder member of the Reiki Council

TRC is a Verifying Organisation for CNHC Register Jeanne Long Verified Reiki Courses

TRC is an approved organisation for The Reiki Connection founder member  of the Reiki Council

Voluntary Self Regulation for Reiki

Regulation is not compulsory regulation and many of those practising Reiki do not want to go down
that route.  This is fine.
However, we believe that it is the responsibility of Reiki Organisations to have all the verification/accreditation/information to hand. 

It is also our responsibility to have the structure in place for Reiki Practitioners to be able to be registered with CNHC or GRCCT if they so wish,
plus gain verification/accreditation for Reiki courses.

CNHC Accredited Reiki Organisation   GRCCT listed Reiki Organisation

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