HAPPY BOWL        

Just imagine, you've been living on the street for months.  You have a sleeping bag, you have a carrier bag full of clothes.  Through the very hard work of a Service Provider you are found your very own bed-sit!  What a gigantic step forward.  Here you are, sitting on your sleeping bag on your floor in your bed-sit with a carrier bag full of your clothes and nothing else.  At least you're safe and out of the weather.  Ah, now what do you do?  You have nothing more.

Wouldn't it be a kind gesture if HAPPY HANDBAG could also offer a HAPPY BOWL containing a saucepan, plate, cup, cutlery,  washing up liquid, washing powder tablets, hand towel, tea towel, cleaning spray, paper towel, toilet rolls and the like.  You can start feeling human again, a touch of normality.

And if you could also have a HAPPY HOME containing some bedding, curtains and more things that most people take for granted, just to make this floor and 4 walls your HOME.

This is the new challenge HAPPY HANDBAG is taking on.  We have been asked by a Service Provider if this is possible,  Just a helping hand to help a person get back on their feet, taking back some control and dignity.

You can donate any of these items through HAPPY HANDBAG Collection Points, or perhaps you would like to make a donation through the button below, helping HAPPY HANDBAG find some funding to make someones dream of a home come true.  If you use our magic button please add a note as to which HAPPY you wish your donation to go to -  HAPPY HANDBAG - HAPPY BOWL - HAPPY HOME