Choosing a Reiki Master/Teacher

This is one of the most important Reiki decisions you will make!  When choosing your Reiki path, there are certain things you should take into consideration - see a list of some suggested questions below:

This is all very well, but how do I find Reiki Masters in the first place?
  1.  check the TRC Reiki Master listings on this website!  
  2.  by word of mouth. If you know a Reiki practitioner ask where they received their training.
  3.  look on the Internet (this may well be how you have found me!!)
  4.  look in local directories. 

Contact a number of Reiki Masters by phone.

See how you interact. This will be a big commitment for you so you will want to feel happy and comfortable with the person you are learning from.

Ask all the questions you want answers to e.g.

  •  how long have you been teaching? (If the person has only just become a Reiki Master this does not mean that they will not  be 'as good' as one who has been teaching for years).
  •  how long does the training take?
  •  how big will the Reiki class be? Up to, or more than 5 people at a time? 
  •  where does the training take place? 
  •  what are the charges?
  •  what additional support is offered?
  •  do they belong to any Reiki association?
  •  will you, as a student, be eligible for Reiki practitioners insurance?
  •  do they have PL insurance?
  •  what is their Reiki Lineage? (Reiki Masters are able to trace their Reiki family tree back to Usui - this shows they are Reiki Masters).
  • do they know about National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Voluntary Self Regulation (VSR)? (This question is important if you want to become a 'Professional Practitioner). Most students start off wanting to 'do' Reiki just for themselves and family but then find they want to take things further. If the Reiki Master you have chosen is not aware of NOS & VSR it does not mean you need to find one that does. But, it does mean that you may have to have additional training to cover certain aspects in the NOS if this is the route your pathway takes you.

You will probably think of other questions you will want to ask. The important thing is that you feel totally at ease with the person who will be training you. Some students prefer 1 to 1 training; others prefer to be in a group. The choice is yours.

As you grow with Reiki it is important to note that some students pathways take them to learn Reiki 1, 11 and 111 with different teachers each time.  This is fine.

There are no 'rules' as such, just go with what feels right.


Jeanne Long The Reiki Connection founder member  of the Reiki Council