As the Running Totals and News was filling up it was decided to have a seperate NEWS page and here it is!

21/10/2020 - a delivery made to Nelson Trust for ladies in the Gloucester and Bridgewater areas.
Nelson Trust are asking for winter clothing and, most desperately, ladies new underwear.
So, all those impulse buys that you haven't worn could be very useful for someone else.......

06/10/2020 - We're slowly coming back. Happy Handbags have been delivered to all the Nelson Trust sites,  
plus Family Haven Gloucester.
Bags have also been collected from me by the Probation Service and Family
Food 4 All.

So what has happened? COVID19 has happened.
Collection Points had to close and we had to stay indoors.
Collection Points are still closed.
1 delivery to Nelsons Trust Gloucester (running on a skeleton staff)
has been carried out today.
Contents for handbags desperately needed to fill all the empty handbags in the
storage unit - Big Yellow Self Storage - in Gloucester
but collection points are closed.
No more donations of handbags are needed - but contents are!!
Happy Handbag could not continue without the help from 
Big Yellow - Gloucester!!

I am getting more and more donations of bags containing hygiene products!!

Also more WI's are contacting me with donations - these bags are usually filled 
with the all the basic requirements plus special touches like lipstick etc!

Thank you all!!

Plus more bags are being delivered into the suburbs of Bristol with 
more local concerns coming on board and today Happy Handbags
were taken to The Junction Project in Speedwell

 05/02/20 - Busy day today - 16 Happy Handbags plus 5 sacks to Link House, Bristol 
PLUS Brunel Independent Funeral Directors have come on board as a drop off point!

27/01/2020 - An Ikea high chair and a stroller pushchair to Family Haven plus many sacks of clothing etc.

26/01/2020 - 2 new Service Providers have come on board this week. both in Bristol!
Welcome to 
AVA Recovery 4All 
Blond Angel Street Team



(This Grand Total does not do justice to the huge amount of clothing, household items and baby items we have given out!)

A huge thank you to Mandie and Toni in Gloucester for their huge collection of filled Happy Handbags and other donations!!
This will make such a difference to so many ladies: ladies - you are stars - you've made a difference!


A car load going to Nelson Trust today.  This delivery includes about 30 bags from Sam and her Yoga ladies in Chipping Sodbury.  
All the bags contained the basic hygiene products but with the addition of a Christmas card in each, plus a Christmas cracker
and a nail varnish
and many contained chocolate, hats, scarves and gloves.
Each bag had a golden ribbon tied to it too.
How fantastic is that!!!

A trip up to GDAS last week with Christmas decorations for a family who had just been housed.
Many thanks to Westerleigh Park Nurseries who added a Christmas cake!

05/12/2019 - I didn't realize I hadn't been keeping this up to date - too busy!!
Many calls coming in advising Happy Handbag collections are going on in many of the local WI's Plus phone call from Sam,  her Yoga class in Chipping Sodbury is collecting and filling handbags for Christmas this year! Plus Upper Knapp Farm Day Nursery in Cam Dursley coming on board next year! It's so lovely that so many people want to help

A huge thank you to Karen in Tuffley, Gloucester for all her invaluable help!!

12/06/2019 - Thank you LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetic, Cribbs Causeway, 
for the delivery of your LUSH product for inclusion in the handbags!  

09/06/2019 - A HUGE HUGE Thank you to Big Yellow Gloucester for donating storage for the bulk of the handbags waiting to be filled, and the bags for sale at the South Glos Show in August to raise funds to fill all these stored bags!


 15th May 2019 - Thank you Pucklechurch WI for your donations this evening, and listening to me rabbit on and on and on.......

On board for 2019 BGSW - Improving lives, reducing reoffending and transforming communities


21/02/2019 Medaille Trust is coming on board!

20.02.2019 - Going to start this off with, who I think is, our youngest supporter and fund raiser.  She decided to hold a sale, selling some of her toys, in an effort to raise funds for Happy Child Bags.  She went to her teacher and asked if she could hold the sale after school one afternoon, in the school playground and the answer was 'yes'.  She drew a poster and the school put it in the newsletter. plus invitations to her sale were given out the all the children in the school (only 56 children, a very small village school!). 
Generously Tesco Yate and Quedgeley added a few times to her items.

Below is a picture of her stall

She raised £55 plus received a voucher from Tesco. Yate for £20.

I accompanied her shopping on Sunday to buy the products for the bags.  She wanted every bag to contain a couple of toys plus 'sensible stuff' all specific children's products - toothpaste/brush; 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner; shower gel and wet wipes. She then made up 12 Happy Child Bags!

Below is a photo of her efforts and each bag will have a HH disc and a boy or girl charm depending on the bag,