Happy Bags going to new owners

The whole idea behind Happy Bag is that you donate things that you no longer have a use for - mainly items of clean and tidy clothing, you put them in a bag.  That bag comes to us and we take to our outlets, Missing Link, Gloucester City Mission or Swindon Nelson Trust to give to those in need.  There is no cash involved and there is traceability for each and every bag donated.  This is all voluntary and no-one benefits with any monetary reward,  Happy Handbag is simply the collector of your donation, handing it over for direct use.

The big difference between donating to Happy Handbag/Happy Bag and a regular Charity Shop is that the bag you donate is taken in its entirety and given to a person in need.

Maybe you have other ideas for Happy Bags?

Here are some of ours:

Happy Bag - Mother and Baby

Essentials for new mum and newborn

Happy Bag - Lady.  

The idea for this bag is whereas the Happy Handbag is for  lady in a crisis position, Happy Bag lady is more for the lady living on the street, containing items of hygiene.  Or .......... 

Maybe you have some clothing you no longer use - you know, hiding in the back of your wardrobe just in case you might wear it one day (?), or maybe you have some items that have shrunk (?) and no longer fit?  Pop these i n a bag and write on the label provided the approximate sizing of the clothing eg 14/16 and if possible pop in some tissues and maybe liners.  Underwear is the one thing many charities find hard to come by, so if a basic pack of new pants could be added this would be very well received.

Happy Bag - Baby.

Maybe you have had the joy of a new baby but have got to the stage where you no longer need your baby bag.
This would be welcome at Happy Bag, especially if you could pop in some of the items your new baby has already outgrown.  We all know you can never have too many babygrows.  Maybe your baby has outgrown their nappy size, they grow so quickly, and you have an odd pack of nappies you could chuck in too?  On the label the size of the clothing should be written eg new-born, 1- 6 month etc.

Happy Bag - Child

Again, children grow at an astonishing rate and we all know that second hand clothes are almost given away.  Why not give some i n our direction?  Again this is with clothing in mind but perhaps pop in a children's book or two?  On the label should be written boy or girl and the age. 

Happy Bag - Gentleman

As with the bags above this is a bag with items for gentlemen.  I should think that socks, scarf, hat woud be welcome.  Again the approximate size to be written on the label.

Happy Bag - Shoes

How about a little bag containing shoes?  Again these should be clean and tidy please.

These are just some ideas.  You may have some much better ideas.