30 Happy Handbags given to Nelson Trust
Gloucester and Bridgewater

16 Happy Handbags collected by Family Food 4 Free.
9 sacks of clothing have been delivered to Family Haven Gloucester.
25 Happy Handbags to Nelson Trust Swindon

25 Happy Handbags collected for distribution by Missing Link, Bristol

12 Happy Handbags plus 4 Happy Bags to Family Haven, 
15 Happy Handbags to Nelson Trust. Gloucester

12/06/2020 - 15 Happy Handbags and 12 Happy Bags to Nelson Trust - Gloucester

02/03/2020 - 24 boxes/sacks to Family Haven Gloucester - a huge donation of ladies and mens clothing
plus boys clothing, little toiletry gifts packs, nappies etc!

20/02/2020 - 20 Happy Handbags to Nelson Trust Swindon

11/02/2020 - 11 Happy Handbags to The Junction, Speedwell, Bristol

05/02/2020 - We  have started off as we mean to go one this month with 16 Happy Handbags and 5 Happy Sacks going to Link House in Bristol today.

So. in January 2020 - 42 Happy Handbags to Service Providers plus 55 sacks of clothing/pushchair/highchair/baby items etc

17/12/2019 - 50 - yes 50 - Happy Handbags going to Nelson Trust Swindon today, plus 15 Happy Bags/sacks. 
GDAS had 7 Happy Bags last week containing Christmas decorations. 

05/12/2019 - Oh gosh, been so busy I haven't kept this bit up to date!  Been tp Nelson Trust Gloucester today with coats, hats, scarves, shoes and boots along with clothing and 32 Happy Handbags. plus to Family Haven with 3 sack fulls of baby clothing, women's clothing, other bits and pieces and a family Happy Bag and 7 Happy Handbags.  Nelson Trust Swindon has on going  deliveries of all sorts every couple of weeks.

16/09/2019 - 8 Happy Handbags and 9 Happy sacks to Gloucester Family Haven plus 2 Mother and Baby Bags with 2 Happy Sacks to Nelson Trust Swindon

11/09/2019 - 16 Happy Handbags and 12 Happy bags/sacks to Nelson Trust Swindon today

02/09/2019 - 28 Happy Handbags and 2 Happy Sacks to Missing Link, Bristol today.

August - 91 Happy Handbags and 33 Happy Bags to Nelson Trust, Bridgewater, Swindon and Gloucester

July - 53 Happy Handbags to Nelson Trust plus Happy Sacks to Family Haven

18/06/2019 - 10 Happy Handbags and 6 Happy Sacks to  Family Haven, Gloucester

11/06/2019 - 15 Happy Handbags and 12 Happy Bags/sacks to Nelson Trust Swindon

29/05/2019 - 20 Happy Handbags and 6 Happy Bags/sacks to Nelson Trust Gloucester

15/05/2019 - 15 Happy Bags/sacks to Nelson Trust Swindon

Also in April: 30 Happy Handbags to Nelson Trust with 15 Happy Bags and 6 Happy Handbags to Family Haven with 8 Happy Bags

04/04/2019 - 26 Happy Handbags and 2 Happy Bags to Missing Link, Bristol

22/3/2019 - 21 Happy Handbags and 10 Happy Bags to Nelson Trust Swindon

28/02/2019 - 20 Happy Handbags and 1 Happy Bag to Medaille Trust, Wootton Bassett to day plus 14 Happy Handbags and 4 Happy Bags to Nelson Trust Swindon,

26/02/2019 - 12 Happy Child Bags (donated by 6 year old Ferne) to Gloucester Family Haven along with 10 Happy Sacks.  2 'special' Happy Bags to Greensquare

14/02/2019 - BGSW come on board  - 24 Happy Handbags delivered there today 
74 Happy Handbags and 23 Happy Bags delivered to Service Providers in the last 7 days!!

31/01/2019 - 30 Happy Handbags + 12 Happy Bags to Missing Link today
Another Service Provider coming on board BGSW Probation
Put a call out to the local community for toiletries to fill the empty bags

30/01/2019 - Getting 2 consignments together, another 1 for Nelson Trust and  1 for Missing Link in Bristol.  
2 Moses Baskets full of baby clothes, nappies and toiletries for mother and baby ready for Missing Link

Interest from another couple of Service Providers

29/01/2019 - Now collecting a crate full of bags from Tesco Extra Yate and  Tesco Extra Quedgeley EVERY WEEK!


24/01/2019 - 40 Happy Handbags and 20 Happy Bags to Nelson Trust Swindon & Bridgewater

14/01/2019 - Talk given to Iron Acton W.I.
Thank you for a lovely evening and all the donations

04/01/2019 - Waitrose, Chipping Sodbury had Happy Handbag as one of their charitable causes with the charity tokens issues to shoppers.  They will be donating a cheque for £272.  Thanks to Waitrose and their donating customers!


Happy Handbags   1320                            Happy Bags/Sacks/Bowls/Equipment   688           GRAND TOTAL  2008

We have passed the 2,000 Happy Handbags/Bowls/Bags/Sacks/Baby Equipment/'Specials
donated to Service Providers for their clients!

18/12/2018 - Very many thanks for all the bags and products still rolling in!
I can't deliver any more before Christmas as the Service Providers have no more space to receive them!
Tesco Yate and Quedgeley continue to give a car boot full of customer and staff donations every week!
Donations are being handed in to all collection points.
Special thanks to Stanbrook Guides who not only advertise us in their 
Residents Handbooks
but also have given handbags and products donated by their staff!

14/12/2018 - 42 Happy Handbags plus 20 Happy Bags/Sacks of bedding, towels. clothing, gifts to Nelson Trust Swindon - our largest drop-ff to date!

3/12/2018 - Many thanks to Mangotsfield WI for all the filled Happy Handbags!!

29/11/2018 - Many more Happy Handbags and Happy Bags to Nelson Trust, Gloucester (35 + 14).
So to date this year we've delivered 628 Happy Handbags and 263 Happy Bags
(baby's cribs, highchairs etc counted as 1 Happy Bag) 

19/11/2018 - Very many thanks to Shortwood Village WI for their contribution of beautifully filled handbags.  Delivery to Nelson Trust is on the cards for tomorrow,
25 Happy Handbags plus 4 Happy Bags plus a Moses Basket complete with bedding, nappies, toiletries, baby gro and hand knitted baby cardigan to Nelson Trust Swindon last Friday.

05/11/2018 - Off to The Family Haven tomorrow to give Reiki and Indian Head Massage mini treatments to their clients.
A high chair plus 4 Happy Bags of clothing and children's books and 10 Happy Handbags plus make-up to Nelsons Trust Swindon last week. 

17/10/2018 - 14 Happy Handbags plus 2 Happy Bags to Nelson Trust Gloucester today

15/10/2018 - A huge 'thanks you' to iron Acton W.I for their contributions of filled Happy Handbags!

15/10/2018- so Happy Bags to Sirona last week - bedding, happy bowl and Happy Bag Baby;  Happy Bags to Family Haven, plus Reiki and Indian Head Massage treatments given F.O.C. to some of their clients.

02/10/2018 - The lovely lady from 'Up North' has, once again, posted 3 full Happy Handbags down to me.  Very many thanks.  The bags are going out next week.

20/09/2018 - A HUGE 'thank you' to the ladies of the Hanham WI for filling Handbags, making them Happy

13/09/2018 - 30 Happy Handbags plus 20 Happy Sacks/Bags/Bowls taken to Nelson Trust Swindon today

04/09/2018 - 4 huge Happy Bag Baby plus 7 huge Happy Bowls/Homes taken to
Sirona - publicly funded NHS  and Social Care Services, Kingswood today.

We now have a small retail unit at Oakley/Westerleigh Green Nurseries, Westerleigh Road, BS37 8QZ where we sell higher end, products  items that have been donated but are not appropriate to pass onto our service users. We then use the funds to purchase items to fill handbags for the homeless and/or starter home packs.
We also have a drop off box in the main walkway should you wish to donate goods. 


Please note Valkyrie Hairdressers, High Street Staple Hill have the facility to collect handbags and toiletries only. 
No other items.

23/08/2018 - collected a donation of toiletries from MORRISONS at Cribbs Causeway.
Thank you Morrisons for your on-going support,

21/08/2018 - 16 Happy Handbags plus 3 Happy Bags plus 2 Happy Bowls to Nelson Trust Gloucester along with
10 Happy Bags (clothing and school uniform) to Gloucest
er Family Haven.

17/08/2018 - 5 Happy Handbags to the South Gloucestershire Mental Health Services Avon and Wiltshire Partnership NHS Trust  Plus 18 Happy Handbags to Help Bristol's Homeless today.
A huge thank you to Amanda.  Amanda requested donations to Happy Handbag for her birthday presents this year!
We have a number of AMAZING mother and baby bags and Happy Homes and Happy Bowls ready for SIRONA Care and Health 

13/08/2018 - Following contacts made at the South Glos Show we will soon be providing Happy Handbags to 
South Gloucestershire Mental Health Services Avon and Wiltshire Partnership NHS Trust & Sirona Care & Health!!

01/08/2018 - 25 Happy Handbags plus 8 Happy Sack to Nelson Trust Swindon yesterday.

20/07/2018 - A huge thank you to Stanbrook Guides - Residents' Handbook. They are supporting Happy Handbag with adverts in The Quedgeley, Emersons Green and Longwell Green books. They are such useful up-to-date guides complete with street maps!! Well done

17/07/2018  -  Delivery to Family Haven today
So far this year 401 Happy Handbags have been given out plus 157 Happy Bags

11/07/2018  We've passed mile stones!  1010 Happy Handbags have been given to Service Providers
Plus...  533 Happy Bags/Sacks/ Bowls/Home Starter Packs

Lovely message from a lady who received a family Happy Bag of children clothing today.
It's amazing the difference we can make to peoples lives!  
Huge thanks to all concerned!!

21/06/2018  A new Service Provider comes on board - Refresh in Bedminster.
22 Happy Handbags delivered with a photographer from Bristol Post there to record the event!

13/06/2018  Oh My.  Oh My!!  BBC Radio Gloucestershire this morning
Brilliant conversation with Chris at Stanbook Guides this afternoon - 
They are going to support Happy Handbag in the local Stanbrook Guide books!!

07/06/2018 - Donations from Arriva Transport Solutions plus MORRISON'S CRIBBS CAUSEWAY for their numerous donations to Happy Handbag today, 4 Happy Handbags and 4 Happy Sacks to Family Haven Gloucester
16 Happy Handbags and 2 Happy Sacks to Nelson Trust Gloucester

06/06/2018 - Many thanks to St Mary's Church Potton (between Bedford and Cambridge!!!!)  and the associated Craft and Chatter Group for their many, continuous donations of handbags, items and donations to Happy Home.

31/05/2018  The Service Provider Link House, Bristol comes on board. 27 Happy Handbags (including 3 Happy Mother and Baby Bags, each containing a new knitted cardigan from Eileen in Fishponds) delivered to them today.

30/05/2018 - A very quiet May as I have been working all month. However still managed to get 60 Happy Handbags out to Nelson Trust along with 10 Happy Sacks and 3 big boxes of books!

A new Collection/Drop Off Point..
Valkyrie, Hairdressers,  High Street, Staple Hill, Bristol

11/04/2018 - 20 Happy Handbags to Help Bristol's Homeless today. 193 Happy Handbags given out so far this year.
Ladies on the Bristol Streets were so pleased to see the handbag charm on each bag.
To them it shows kindness and that someone actually cares!

09/04/2018 - More Happy Handbags and Happy Bags to Nelson Trust Gloucester today,  173 Happy Handbags and 67 Happy Bags/Sacks given out so far this year.  Thanks to all who have donated!! More Happy Handbags ready for Help Bristol's Homeless

29/03/2018 - NOTICE
Some people never fail to astound me with their kindness and generosity. Very many thanks to 'Pendlebury' of Wigan by Manchester who posted down to Happy Handbags, handbags complete with products!! I wonder if they know Pamela from Manchester who also posted down handbags with products at the beginning of the year.
Whoever it is in Manchester who is spreading the word 'Thank You' from the ladies in crisis down here in the South West. Maybe one day we can get Happy Handbag set up in your area.
Thank you so, so much 'Pendlebury' and Pamela.

28/03/2018 - Donation totals now stand at 1745 bags/sacks/carriers. 
This equates to 776 full Happy Handbags now given out and numerous sacks/bags of clothing / sanitary wear and other useful items.  25 Happy Handbags (including 2 for men) given to Help Bristol's Homeless!

27/03/2018 - 2 more exciting bits of news:
i. Help Bristols Homeless is to take Happy Handbags to distribute at grass route level
ii. Iron Acton Garden Centre is now a Collection Point for Happy Handbags!!

26/03/2018...  Thank you Fishponds and Downend Rotary Club for the cheque and Zomba with Jodie for the Happy Handbags!!

22nd March - Donations stand at 1695 Happy Handbags/bags/sacks
Grand totals now given to Service Providers - 751 Happy Handbags; 449 Happy Bags/sacks 

 *Happy Handbag are in the process of becoming a 'Not for Profit' organisation to encourage charitable donations/grants to help us fill many more HAPPY HANDBAGS  *We are launching HAPPY BOWL!

8th March - 12 Happy Handbags plus 4 Happy bags to Nelson Trust, Swindon
Nelson Trust was having a Pamper Day .. The Reiki Connection provided Head Massage and Reiki treatments to Nelson Trust Clients!

1st March 2018 - to Service Providers...
12 Happy Handbags and 12 Happy Bags/sacks to Family Haven
18 Happy Handbags to Nelson Trust Gloucester
5 Happy Sacks to Gloucester City Mission
1 car breakdown
and a partridge in a pear tree

12/02/2018 20 Happy Handbags, 7 Happy Bags to Nelson Trust Swindon

11/02/2018 - Total bags given out this year, so far 80! More donations given to Family Haven and Nelson Trust in Gloucester last week.  Big consignment ready to go to Nelson Trust Swindon tomorrow.

23/01/2018 New Year starting well with 36 Happy Handbags and 10 Happy Sacks going to Nelson Trust Swindon today

Happy Handbags  615                  Happy Bags/Sacks  387                   GRAND TOTAL  1002 

17/12/2017 Total donations now stand at 1414!!
596 Happy Handbags now given to Service Providers - including Christmas Presents!! Plus 381 Happy Bags/Sacks 

03/12/2017  The donations keep rolling in...  Very many thanks this last week to Amanda and Rachael, and the Hanham Methodist Church!!

30/11/2017 I was on BBC Radio Gloucestershire on 30th Nov explaining about Happy Handbag.  The morning show.

 29/11/2017 - Nationwide HQ in Swindon today.  Many thanks to those who bought 'mock-tails' and handbag charms, and those who participated in the tombola!


Another amazing day (22nd November) in Tesco Extra - this time Quedgeley. I met some lovely, generous people and am just about to start unloading a very full car of donations! A few special thanks; to the ladies who donated toiletries and bags, to the 2 gentlemen who each made a monitory donation to buy products for the handbags and, after school turnout, the beautiful young girl (age 13?) and, at another time, the charming boy (again about 12/13) who I saw just walk up and put some money in the collection bucket. There are very many kind and caring people !!
Thank you all.......

Many thanks to BULLFISH CHARITY FAYRE where more donations were received.

17/11/2017 - this week!

19 Happy Handbags and 6 Happy Bags to Family Haven Gloucester

17 Happy Handbags and 6 Happy Bags to Nelson Trust Bristol

Brilliant day at Tesco Extra Swindon on 14/11/2017.

Many donations of toiletries - filled 12 Happy Handbags!!  

Many thanks to recent donors especially the 2 of sleeping bags!!!

I now have about 300 empty handbags waiting to be filled!!!
Donations of tooth paste, tooth brushes, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, sanitary wear, soap and anything else useful would be very much appreciated to get these bags out where they will do most good
(not sitting in one of my bed rooms!)

21/09/2017 - We have reached the 1000+ donations!!

14/09/2017 - Total donations of bags of stuff and handbags so far 961!!     
his count is based on the number of handbags/bags and large items received.  Some bags are Happy Handbags with contents, some are without contents, some are carrier bags with items for the Happy Handbags, some are Happy Bags and some are sacks of clothing.  At Christmas time carrier bags were received containing presents!!

As at 14/09/2017 680 bags/ sacks/ Happy Handbags have been given to Service Providers!

Tesco Swindon and Tesco Quedgeley - Gloucester now on board!!  Take your donation to the pink Happy Handbag box behind the tills!

Regular deliveries (normally about every 2 weeks) are being taken to Service Providers so I will not be listing them all separately any more!

22/08/2017 Tesco Extra Swindon has started providing Happy Handbags complete with contents!   Thank you Tesco Swindon customers!

The South Glos Show Supports Happy Handbags

Look who came to visit us at the stand (August 2017) - Joel Dommett!  Thank you Joel!


July 2017  = Nelson Trust now taking Happy Handbags and Happy Bags to their new office in Bridgewater

14/05/2017  =  Over 80 bags received in the last 2 weeks.  Very many thanks to Carpe Diem, Tesco Yate customers
and invigilators at U.W.E.

24/05/2017  =  Happy Handbag delivered Happy Handbags and Happy Bags to service provider
HVDV - Helping Victims of Domestic Violence, Wiltshire. 


27/04/2017  =  Nelson Trust opened a new site in Bristol and Happy Handbag have provided 16 Happy Handbags!More donations from Tesco, Yate customersMore donations from Cotswold Gems - Red Hatters

30/3/17  =  14 Happy Bags + 3 Happy Handbags delivered to a new site Family Haven, Gloucester


Helping vulnerable families to a brighter future for over 25 years 


24/3/17  =  14 Happy Handbags, 3 Happy family Bags + 13  Happy Bag Ladies delivered to Nelson Trust, Gloucester

21/3/2017  =  Special request Happy Family Bag delivered to Missing Link Bristol plus 6 Happy Handbags

18/3/2017 =  8 Happy Handbags received from Chipping Sodbury Ladies Who Latte 6 very special request bags + 2 Happy Baby Bags delivered to Nelson Trust Swindon

30/3/17 - 8 Happy Handbags and 6 Happy Bags from Tesco Yate customers

15/03/2017 - 19 Happy Handbags and 4 Happy Bags from Tesco Yate customers

14/03/2017 - 20 Happy Handbags + 8 Happy bags delivered to Nelson Trust Swindon

07/03/2017  Large consignment of Happy Handbags received from Cotswold Gems - Red Hatters!

3rd March 017 - A specific request from Missing Link for a Happy Bag Baby.  

18th January 2017 - 35 Happy Handbags and 15 Happy bags delivered to Nelson Trust Gloucester 

13th January 2017 the spreadsheet count stood at 294

1st January 2017 the spreadsheet count stood at 226 entries!! 

14th December 2016 the spreadsheet count stood at 176 entries!!