Reiki membership

Reiki comes in many forms, shapes and sizes and at TRC we are a diverse, forward thinking organization. We know just how busy all our lives are and to this end we do not have a standard committee as such.

TRC has 3 officers:

  • Jeanne Long - founder of TRC, 
  • Tracy Rees - membership secretary  
  • Trisha Underwood - verifications officer

TRC has its GEM's. GEMs are active long standing members, very experienced Reiki members with a wealth of knowledge from all walks of life, especially in the medical profession. GEMs are Group Empowered Members, members who are happy to represent TRC in all manner of ways.

Our current GEMs are all Reiki Master/Teachers:

As already mentioned, we are quite a diverse group, all with a great love of all aspects of Reiki. The only membership requires are to have received face-to-face attunements and have a recognized lineage.

Reiki Connection membership

TRC Reiki Standard membership: Having received face-to-face Reiki attunements plus a recognized lineage to Usui.

TRC Practitioner: Taking Reiki to the next level; having practitioner insurance; the giving of Reiki to members of the general public; to evidence professional practice.

TRC Reiki Master/Teacher:  Having qualified as a Reiki Master for over 18 months.

Membership Category Fee With Web Inclusion
Standard Membership £10.00 £20.00
Professional Practitioner £20.00 £30.00
TRC Master/ Teacher £25.00 £40.00
  • Web inclusion available for all levels of membership provided insurance is held.

On first registering with TRC there is a £15 registration/administration fee. This fee is only paid once.

Please email our membership secretary click here for a registration andmembership form if you are interested in joining us.

Click here for a list of some of our members who practice Reiki on a professional level, being experienced and well practised in Reiki Healing.