The Gentle Touch Therapy Courses

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1-day Practitioner courses include Distance Learning - there is no prior requisites for the Practitioner course as everything is included 

Courses are run in Frampton Cotterell.

Indian Head Massage Practitioner Course
Wednesday 14th February 2018; 10.00-16.00

Rejuvenating Face Massage Practitioner Course
Friday 16th February 2018; 10.00-16.00

These courses can also be brought to you if you are a small group of 3 or more.

Indian Head Massage
Rejuvenating Face Massage

Prior to the course there are 3 modules in the form of distance learning.  There is a written 'test' which needs to be completed.  The learning modules are:

Matters of Law
Anatomy and Physiology
General Information - eg principles of good practice, reflection etc

There is a 4th module to look through and this module is the manual for each specific therapy.

The 1 day practical follows the learning.

The cost of the Indian Head Massage; Rejuvenating Face Massage course and Hand & Foot Massage                - modules and practical day - is £125

Adult Teacher-Trainer Course.

This course is ideal if you are a therapist and thinking of branching out into teaching your therapy! - £295.00

Balens offer insurance cover all courses offered

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