Reiki with Crystals Practitioner

Coming in 2020

This course has a manual for distance learning, a practical workshop and additional crystals (to build your crystal tool chest)

The prerequisites for this course are:

  • Introduction to Crystals course
  • The Crystal Therapist course
  • A minimum of Reiki 1

Reiki is unique, a totally compact healing mechanism not needing anything else to be highly effective.  However as Reiki Practitioners gain in confidence they often look at combining Reiki with other forms of healing, or they may already be practicing other therapies.  Crystals can combine very well with Reiki treatments, enhancing the energy and healing experience.  Some schools of Reiki do not use Chakras but this course is based on giving a traditional Reiki treatment, whichever school of Reiki you have trained with, and is not a treatment based on the Chakras.

Your kit is provided:


Combining crystals with Reiki
Suggested crystals for Reiki
Master crystals
Case studies


Choosing your Reiki crystals
Reiki crystal healing demonstration
Reiki crystal healing practice
Reiki Attunments at your Reiki level