17/11/2017 - this week!

19 Happy Handbags and 6 Happy Bags to Family Haven Gloucester

17 Happy Handbags and 6 Happy Bags to Nelson Trust Bristol

Brilliant day at Tesco Extra Swindon on 14/11/2017.

Many donations of toiletries - filled 12 Happy Handbags!!  


Many thanks to recent donors especially the 2 of sleeping bags!!!

I now have about 300 empty handbags waiting to be filled!!!

Donations of tooth paste, tooth brushes, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, sanitary wear, soap and anything else useful would be very much appreciated to get these bags out where they will do most good
(not sitting in one of my bed rooms!)

At the Bullfish Charity Fayre in Chipping Sodbury on Saturday 18th November
And Tesco Extra Quedgeley on Wednesday 22nd November

Please bring your donations along!

419 Happy Handbags and 294 Happy Bags have now been distributed to Service Providers!!

21/09/2017 - We have reached the 1000+ donations!!

14/09/2017 - Total donations of bags of stuff and handbags so far 961!!

This count is based on the number of handbags/bags and large items received.  Some bags are Happy Handbags with contents, some are without contents, some are carrier bags with items for the Happy Handbags, some are Happy Bags and some are sacks of clothing.  At Christmas time carrier bags were received containing presents!!

As at 14/09/2017 680 bags/ sacks/ Happy Handbags have been given to Service Providers!

Tesco Swindon and Tesco Quedgeley - Gloucester now on board!!  Take your donation to the pink Happy Handbag box behind the tills!

Regular deliveries (normally about every 2 weeks) are being taken to Service Providers so I will not be listing them all separately any more!

22/08/2017 Tesco Extra Swindon has started providing Happy Handbags complete with contents!   Thank you Tesco Swindon customers!

July 2017

Nelson Trust now taking Happy Handbags and Happy Bags to their new office in Bridgewater


Over 80 bags received in the last 2 weeks.  Very many thanks to Carpe Diem, Tesco Yate customers
and invigilators at U.W.E.


Happy Handbag delivered Happy Handbags and Happy Bags to service provider
HVDV - Helping Victims of Domestic Violence, Wiltshire. 



Nelson Trust opened a new site in Bristol and Happy Handbag have provided 16 Happy Handbags!

More donations from Tesco, Yate customers
More donations from Cotswold Gems - Red Hatters


14 Happy Bags + 3 Happy Handbags delivered to a new site
Family Haven, Gloucester


Helping vulnerable families to a brighter future for over 25 years 


Consignment ready for GDASS



14 Happy Handbags, 3 Happy family Bags + 13  Happy Bag Ladies delivered to Nelson Trust, Gloucester



Special request Happy Family Bag delivered to Missing Link Bristol plus 6 Happy Handbags



8 Happy Handbags received from Chipping Sodbury Ladies Who Latte

6 very special request bags + 2 Happy Baby Bags delivered to Nelson Trust Swindon


30/3/17 - 8 Happy Handbags and 6 Happy Bags from Tesco Yate customers

15/03/2017 - 19 Happy Handbags and 4 Happy Bags from Tesco Yate customers

14/03/2017 - 20 Happy Handbags + 8 Happy bags delivered to Nelson Trust Swindon

07/03/2017  Large consignment of Happy Handbags received from Cotswold Gems - Red Hatters!

3rd March 017 - A specific request from Missing Link for a Happy Bag Baby.  

18th January 2017 - 35 Happy Handbags and 15 Happy bags delivered to Nelson Trust Gloucester 

13th January 2017 the spreadsheet count stood at 294

1st January 2017 the spreadsheet count stood at 226 entries!! 

14th December 2016 the spreadsheet count stood at 176 entries!!